Friday, March 12, 2010

The scariness of personal change

Why would a bum, when given an opportunity to step out of the gutter and into a higher state of life run away to return to the streets?
Why would anyone say no to the idea of living a better life while that same person will confess that he wants the better life more than anything? It does not make sense.
Why would anyone turn down the opportunity to live a better life or destroy the better life that they have been offered?
Why would anyone stop improving their lives when they are enjoying the benefits of that better life?

Strange as it may seem, people do not like change. Even if the change offers then a step up from the gutter into a life of luxury or opportunity.
Flatout fact. People do not like change. They will rather suffer than undgo the perceived chaos of change. People do not like the idea of experiencing something totally different.
We end up going to the same places. Same restaurants, same holiday spots, same kind of food, samy kind of everything. And then we cofess our boredom and our need for change.
We are truly a strange breed.

So what is wrong with this situation?
We dont like change as I have said. We want everything to remain the same yet get better.

Through the years of us doing Take Back Your Life workshops, we encounter people who are desperate for something better in their lives.
Problem is that they want everyone else to do all the changing or change things for them so that they step into the new situation.
That change does not happen though. We have people walking away from the most amazing opportunities. It is not as if we want to sell them something . They have already bought and paid for the workshop.
So how do we go on from here.

There are a few things to remember about personal change and the process of taking back your life.

  1. The changes required requires YOU to change and become the person to whom the good things will happen. You cannot be a grumpy ass and expect some softhearted beauty to come into your life.
  2. Other people will watch you change and will assist you in failing. If there is one thing we can''t stand, it is that someone else actually does change their lives successfully. We will tell people how bad life on the other side of the fence is. (as if they have been there)
  3. You will attract lots of good natured PH'd's "PULL HIM DOWN" Remember that those you will leave behind will drift away from you. Anothing thing that stops lots of people from going all the way with their personal transfoamtion.

Personal change is scary for these reasons:

  1. Most people only know what they dont want. They cannot decide what they DO want. If you dont know where you want to go, the trip is going to be scary.
  2. Your ego cannot stand uncertainty. When any uncertainties are encountered the ego goes nuts. Anything new will be interpreted as a threat and your subconscious will go into "destroy" mode unless you stop it.
  3. The process of change is always uncertain and the results "may vary" and it usualy does
  4. Change might take you on a path where you don't want to go. Sometimes it is required that we travel a few detours in our learning and growing before you are ready to live at a higher level. It is all about cultivation. Often something has to be cultivated right out of us.
  5. As we get used to living at increasingly higher levels, the change seems to become even more scary as our ego likes to remember the good old days.

Living with the awareness of change is the most powerful way to live.

Lets face it, you are going to change. Better to make it for the better.

In the beginning...

Who knows what was in the beginning, there wasnt anyone to watch.

Much different here though. There is a world watching. Both of you.
Welcome to the words of Wiliam Wiseman.

Here we try to make sense of life without taking it or ourselves too seriously.
We delve into the questions of life and swim the currents of uncertainty untill we get to a point of agreeement with at least one other human being. Then we have a start. Nothing will ever go anywhere without an agreement with someone.

Of course people wont necessarily agree with everything shared here. In fact some people will never agree with anything jsut because it is a basic human right to disagree.
Of course will not entertain devils advocates. I am shure there is a blog or a site where they can go and be devils.

We want to keep it real also. Reality based spirituality is my favourite subject. Things are sometimes more real than we dare to believe. It is easy to dismiss something because we cant see it. But here we want to experience the full spectrum of what it means to be human.
So lets go, lets talk and lets keep it real.

Opinions are great especially when one has the guts to keep them to yourself.